How It Works

Client & Recruiter

  • High Quality video screening of your candidates
  • Assessment results are delivered immediately after completion, no waiting for results.
  • You can see a paradigm shift in selection process by winning the confidence of your customer and candidate
  • Value add to hiring process efficiency
  • Additional features like live proctoring, screen capture and quick interview


  • Be a part of the decision making team
  • Best platform to utilize, enhance and share your interview skills
  • Value your free time by making some extra income
  • Define your schedule and conduct interview at your own time
  • Get appreciated and rated by candidate and customers


  • Attend interview at your suitable time and comfort
  • No Travel, no driving stress, no anxiety in turn better interview outcome
  • Un-biased opportunity to present the best of the skills and personality
  • Whiteboard to showcase your programming skills
  • Self Assessment in the form of Subjective, Objective and Programming Questions